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  • I'm not in Asia, can I still participate?
    SURE! Our online community welcomes creative people from around the world! Check out our Facebook ! There are also art educator groups in different regions around the world: Global Art Teacher Exchange (GATE) - Europe National Art Education Association (NAEA) - USA The Art of Education - USA (conference held online) International Society for Education through Art (InSEA) - GLOBAL (United Nations Partner) For our in-person workshops there are a limited number of attendees, but all are welcome.
  • When is the next in-person ARWAE Workshop?
    After a 3 year pause we are so excited to have our next conference at Saigon South International School from NOVEMBER 3-5, 2023!
  • How do I propose to host a session at the next ARWAE Workshop?
    Please email or visit the Saigon South International School website (coming soon) to propose. Some things to consider in your proposal: - Workshops are normally 1 hour - Have a clear list of materials you will need. Some will need to be brought. - What takeaways would you like for your participants? - How might your idea be adapted to different age groups (or learning systems like IB / K-12 )? Looking for ideas? Reach out to our community on Facebook, or visit this youtube playlist for past Workshops.
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