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The ARWAE Community

 ASIA REGION WORKSHOP for ART EDUCATORS (ARWAE) come together to learn and create!!

The ARWAE Workshop is:

  • by teachers for teachers providing direct art-making application and inspiration for classroom teaching in the region

  • an all-volunteer endeavor with the character of each yearly session largely shaped by the hosting school and its unique location

  • dependent on participants to provide content. The weekend is structured around a participatory workshop ethos. Attendees participate as instructors and collaborators in art-making and discussions

Held in September or October, the ARWAE Workshop is a departure from a traditional approach for professional development:

  • it is not a ‘conference’ in current understanding of what ‘conference’ might imply. There are no ARWAE Workshop staff, there is no budget. It is an independent funded by registration fees.

  • It is self-funded by registration fees to cover the majority of costs and relies on the host school to provide any additional facilities, transportation or catering logistics that may be required.

  • content stems from the offerings of participants rather than being externally pre-determined

  • those choosing to present a workshop do so out of a desire to share with teaching peers; presenters are not paid

  • there is no keynote address. Special speakers are not brought in for the event

  • there is no outside sponsorship or endorsement underwriting the workshop

  • there is no commercial solicitation. Representatives of commercial, scholastic or charitable entities are not invited to attend for the purposes of soliciting business or commerce from attendees or their employers

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